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Radio Program

Radio Program

Radio Program

Pourakhi, in partnership with AWO International and with the assistance of Radio Nepal, has developed a unique way of reaching tens of thousands of Nepalese with information about safe migration. Pourakhi hosts a bi-monthly radio program that covers a variety of topics for prospective migrants and the family members of people already working abroad. The broadcast occurs on the first and last Sunday of each month in the Nepali calendar and runs for 15 minutes from 7:45pm-8pm (see schedule below). As with all Pourakhi programming, the goal is neither to encourage nor discourage foreign labor migration. Instead, the goal is to empower listeners to make informed decisions.

Radio programs have a long history of successful use in Nepal for a variety of social welfare campaigns. Pourakhi’s Radio Program is especially helpful for the many Nepalis who do not have access to other forms of media.  The Radio Program is unique in its ability to reach low-literacy populations, who are more vulnerable in migration situations. Importantly, the Radio Program invites returned migrants to share their story with a wide audience. In this sense, listeners hear what migration is like directly from returned migrants.

Some of the recent topics covered on Pourakhi’s Radio Program include:

•The do’s and don’ts and pros and cons of migration
•Legal process of migration in Nepal
•Info on policy and law in different destination countries
•Challenges faced by migrants abroad.

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I believe that “Free Visa Free Ticket” should be implemented very effectively by the Government of Nepal.

- Kundan Gurung

We urge the countries of the origin and employment to lift bans against women migrant Workers because such bans foster smuggling and trafficking .

- Manju Gurung