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POURAKHI’s active participation in the People’s Global Action(PGA) and Global Forum on Migration and Development(GFMD)-2014, Stockholm, Sweden from 9th to 15th May 2014.

Key Messages from PGA 2014

This year’s People’s Global Action on Migration, Development, and Human Rights (PGA) took place in Stockholm, Sweden from May 9 to May 11, 2014, prior to the Global Forum on Migration & Development (GFMD). In addition to an enriching series of workshops, the PGA focused on two thematic streams: Migration in the Post-2015 Development Agenda and the discourse surrounding “Migrants in Crisis”. Our key messages on these two themes are as follows:

The dominant development paradigm produces inequities that compel migration. We need to move towards people and nature-centred, rights based development, and corporate accountability. Policies should consider migration in its entire complexity. Migration should be a choice not a necessity.

On Migration in the Post-2015 Development Agenda:

National and international laws and obligations should guarantee decent work for all, includingmigrant workers regardless of status, and in countries of origin and destination.
States should pursue robust and comprehensive social protection policies in critical areas ofcommunity wellbeing, such as education, healthcare, and housing.
Migrants’ remittances are neither an answer to development nor an appropriate policy for poverty reduction.

On Migrants in Crisis:

The framework of “migrants in countries in crisis” is far too limiting and must be widened to include conditions ofparticular vulnerability that produce situations of permanent crisis for migrants.
“Migrants in crisis” should be considered in a human rights framework that moves beyond humanitarian responses to address root causes of injustice and migrants’ vulnerability. Humanitarian responses must be swift, efficient, inclusive, and meet the immediate needs of migrants in crisis.
No migrant, irrespective of status, should be subject to punitive measures due to particular vulnerabilities in crisis situations.
Countries of origin, destination, and transit must be held to account for policies that criminalize migrants, and for the creation of national security apparatuses that result in perpetual crisis situations for migrants.

News & Events

Pourkahi is doing a great Job . I believe one the most active organization working for migrant workers .

- Rohan Limbu

I believe that “Free Visa Free Ticket” should be implemented very effectively by the Government of Nepal.

- Kundan Gurung

We Demand the Government to enter into agreement to create safe working environment for us , recognizing our contribution to strengthen the economy of both countries .

- Bijaya Rai Shrestha

We urge the countries of the origin and employment to lift bans against women migrant Workers because such bans foster smuggling and trafficking .

- Manju Gurung