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The International Organization for Migration (IOM) implements a pilot project titled “Private Sector Participation in Labour Migration Management in Nepal” which aims to contribute to the Government of Nepal’s initiatives to generate employment opportunities and an enabling environment for safer migration through public private partnerships in Migration management. Under this project IOM and its implementing partner, Pourakhi Nepal agreed with the objective of providing financial literacy training to 100 remittance receiving household in Jagatapur and Sukranagar VDCs of Chitwan. The objective of the project is to improve participants financial literacy including saving, investment, household budgeting and financial management skills and the ability to make appropriate decisions in managing family/personal finances. A large proportion of remittances received from migrant workers has been used for consumer goods and household expenses in Nepal. However, most remittance recipient households lack basic financial literacy and have very limited knowledge about the proper use of remittances in productive fields or potential areas for remittance investment. Often, remittances are spent by families on consumer goods, rather than being invested into income generating activities and productive investment of remittance. Consequently, migrants who have moved abroad at considerable cost end up stuck in a vicious cycle of poverty, debt and re-migration

Objective of the Financial Literacy Training

The project has aimed to provide knowledge on overall financial literacy for proper management of remittances. The objectives of the training can be summarized as follows:

To enable skills for utilization and proper management of remittances.
To enhance knowledge about basic financial issues and choices, and learn basic skills related to earning, spending, budgeting, saving, borrowing, and investing.
To help participants set financial goals, optimize their financial options and promote investment in agro/livestock business.
To improve knowledge and skills of farmers focused on RRHHs and link them with financial institutions and cooperatives for establishment of agro/livestock business.

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I believe that “Free Visa Free Ticket” should be implemented very effectively by the Government of Nepal.

- Kundan Gurung

We urge the countries of the origin and employment to lift bans against women migrant Workers because such bans foster smuggling and trafficking .

- Manju Gurung