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Child Education Fund


Many Nepalis pursue foreign employment with the dream that they will earn money for sustaining their family and educating their children. But in reality their dream is frequently shattered when they return to Nepal empty-handed.
Migrant workers are often cheated by brokers and left vulnerable to a variety of abusive and exploitative conditions, including bonded labor. In many cases their working condition is equivalent to modern day slavery. In most of the cases, they leave their destination country with limited pay or no earning at all.
The suffering of migrant workers is not only limited to themselves but also affects their families and children. Children are left out of school and are prone to physical & sexual abuse and human trafficking; girl children are more vulnerable and at-risk. Pourakhi Nepal Child Education Fund initiative is geared towards protecting and supporting at-risk children and providing for their education.
In response to this critical issue, Pourakhi Nepal, a leading NGO working to support migrant workers and their children, has created The Pourakhi Child Education Fund, which functions as a program to provide financial support to needy families for their children’s education.
The Pourakhi Child Education Fund is designed to ensure that needy families receive financial support in an annual basis for their children up to the Class 10 and Plus 2–the equivalent of a high school degree in the United States. Upon completion of Plus 2 they can then decide whether to independently pursue a higher education.
Through its mission, the Pourakhi Child Education Fund intends to ensure that the children of migrant workers enjoy their fundamental right to education.

Criteria for selection of children .

Financial support from the Pourakhi Child Education Fund will be given to those children who are :

• In the most critical need
• Single or double orphan (whose parents have died)
• Parents suffering from a disability or HIV/AIDS
• Low economic status

Each selected child will be ensured of financial support. During the course of support, if the recipient family has improved their economic situation then support will be stopped and funds will be used for another qualifying child.

➢ Children will be supported in an annual basis until they complete Class 10 and Plus TWO
➢ Financial support should be used solely for school admission and monthly fees

News & Events

I believe that “Free Visa Free Ticket” should be implemented very effectively by the Government of Nepal.

- Kundan Gurung

We urge the countries of the origin and employment to lift bans against women migrant Workers because such bans foster smuggling and trafficking .

- Manju Gurung