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POURAKHI is a member based organization. It is governed by its constitution and seven members of the Executive Committee (EC). The Executive Committee is the highest authority to make policy decisions. The Executive committee meeting takes place monthly and is headed by the Chairperson in order to assess the progress and to respond to the updated situation.

Globalization and trade liberation have opened up vistas and opportunities in the international labor market. Moreover, there is an increase in women specific job opportunities internationally. Lack of opportunity within Nepal and growing demand on women to economically support the family, many Nepali women are leaving Nepal to work abroad and have been contributing to the economic prosperity of their families and also in the poverty alleviation of their country.

However, women’s position in the existing patriarchal setup of Nepal put them in a subordinated position to that of men. They have either limited or no access and control over productive resources. There are more than 100 laws that are discriminatory towards women.

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I believe that “Free Visa Free Ticket” should be implemented very effectively by the Government of Nepal.

- Kundan Gurung

We urge the countries of the origin and employment to lift bans against women migrant Workers because such bans foster smuggling and trafficking .

- Manju Gurung